Apple is trying to kill right click with this new feature

Apple is trying to kill right click with this new feature

Apple introduced new MacBooks today with a notable feature called ‘Force Touch’ that allows you to push harder on your trackpad to perform further actions.

Force Touch is a new technology that detects how much pressure you’re applying and determines what you want to do based on that pressure.

Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 8.47.32 am

The idea is that you can reveal controls that you’d previously accessed via a menu by simply pushing harder. The sensitivity is customizable for different actions.

One example Apple gives is pushing harder on a single word, which brings up a dictionary definition of the word. This was previously accessed by a keyboard shortcut or the right click menu. You can use it to preview a file or even create a calendar appointment by pushing harder on a date.

With this simple feature, Apple is declaring war on the right click. With Force Touch, Apple is trying to make it easier than right clicking to perform the actions you’d do every day.

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It makes sense, since you’re only using the trackpad with a single finger most of the time anyway. Now, you just push for harder or longer to access those items; the fact that it will be fully customizable means it’s infinitely useful

This, combined with the addition of Taptic Engine feedback right under your finger means you can actually feel the input being acknowledged. This could be the beginning of the end of the right-click for Mac users.

My only hope is that the same technology makes its way down into the Apple Wireless Touchpad, so I can use it everywhere.

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