Apple Pay on the Apple Watch will be smarter than you think

Apple Pay on the Apple Watch will be smarter than you think

A new report this weekend from CNET details just how Apple Pay will work from your wrist.

CNET talked to Apple’s senior vice president of Internet Software and Services, Eddy Cue, at a sports game. He told them that wearers will have to type in a PIN or use Touch ID to unlock the watch and make payments the first time, but until it’s taken off it won’t require authentication again:

“You can [type a password] if you want to, but you won’t normally have to,” Cue said. “Right now the watch is unlocked, and I could do all of it without having to type any code. If I [took it off and] handed it to you, now you’d have to type in a security code or unlock it from your phone.”

Cue also said that owners of the Apple Watch who don’t have an iPhone 6 will be able to use Apple Pay directly from the device without upgrading their phone.

It was previously reported that the Apple Watch will detect if it’s been removed or not by using an infrared sensor on the back.

The details come ahead of Apple’s event on Monday where it’s expected the company will unveil further details about the Watch including pricing and availability.

What’s interesting is that Apple has been drip-feeding details out about the Watch over the last few weeks, rather than keeping it all a secret for the announcement day.


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