You’ll soon be able to pay for meals and drinks on JetBlue flights with your iPhone


The next time you fly JetBlue, you may not need to whip out your wallet to pay for peanuts or a soda. Just grab your iPhone and let Apple Pay do its thing.

USA Today reports that passengers on select JetBlue flights will be able to use Apple Pay on their iPhone 6 or 6 Plus to buy meals, snacks, drinks, onboard amenities and premium seat upgrades once the aircraft reaches cruising altitude.

Apple Pay

When the program takes off next week, JetBlue will equip more than 3,500 flight attendants with iPad Minis in NFC-enabled cases to allow passengers to make payments more easily. The service will also support Apple Watch once it is launched this April.

JetBlue will make begin accepting Apple Pay on transcontinental flights between JFK in New York and airports in San Francisco and Los Angeles. he company will add support on additional routes in March, and cover its entire schedule by June.

Other contactless payment systems like Google Wallet are on the roadmap too, but no timeline has been announced as yet.

Since its launch in September, Apple Pay has been adopted by 750 banks and credit unions and dozens of retailers across the US.

Apple Pay takes to the skies via JetBlue [USA Today]

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