Apple releases ‘noteworthy’ update to Swift programming language, new Xcode beta

Apple releases ‘noteworthy’ update to Swift programming language, new Xcode beta

Even though Apple hasn’t shipped iOS 8.2 yet, the company today made available iOS 8.3 beta to developers. The update comes alongside a new build of Xcode which includes a number of changes to the Swift programming language.

In a post to Apple’s Swift blog today, the company said that the Xcode release brings a “enhanced Swift compiler” along with new features like incremental code builds, faster executables, better diagnostics and a number of stability improvements.

On the Swift side of things, there are a number of changes to the language which are meant to ensure “safe and predictable behavior” and to “improve interaction between Swift and Objective-C.”

Apple notes the changes include “source-incompatible” changes, which means developers will need to update their code, but the new version of Xcode includes a migrator to help with the process.

iOS 8.3 also reportedly includes support for Google accounts with two-factor enabled.

Registered developers can download the preview builds of Xcode and iOS 8.3 from the Apple Developer center.

➤ Swift 1.2 and Xcode 6.3 beta [Apple Blog]

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