PSA: Apple App Store prices go up in Europe and Canada tomorrow

PSA: Apple App Store prices go up in Europe and Canada tomorrow

Apple’s new pricing structure will come into effect for apps downloaded by people in Canada, Europe, Norway and Russia from tomorrow.

Apple sent out a reminder email to developers to say that “prices on the App Store will increase for all territories in the European Union as well as in Canada and Norway”. However, if you’re in Iceland, the prices will be going down. Less helpfully, it just said they will “change” in Russia. Apple said the changes were being made in response to the new VAT laws in the EU and changes in foreign exchange rates. 

Unfortunately, this means that the difference between the cost of apps outside the US and within the US will be even more significant – which could have knock-on effects on the numbers of paid-for downloads by users as they adjust to the new rates. Let’s just hope it doesn’t lead developers to think there’s no point opening up beyond US borders.

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