iOS 8 is now on 52% of iPhones hitting the App Store

iOS 8 is now on 52% of iPhones hitting the App Store

On Apple’s developer support page for the app store, the company has posted that 52 percent of iPhones visiting the App Store have iOS 8 installed.

The graph also shows that iOS 7 now resides on 43 percent of phones hitting the App Store as of October 27. The last five percent is everything else.

chart-10-27-14At the iPad event, CEO Tim Cook told the audience that 48 percent of iOS devices had installed iOS 8.

iOS 8 adoption numbers had seemed to have stalled after the initial launch. Jon Gruber and others believe that has to do with the size of the OS (which was a whopping 5GB) being the largest roadblock to upgrading. If you have a 16GB device filled with photos, apps and music, there’s a a lot of storage housekeeping that needs to be done before updating.

Via MacRumors 

App Store Distribution [Apple Developer Portal]



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