Go find some gaming bargains with Apple’s newest Mac App Store sale

Go find some gaming bargains with Apple’s newest Mac App Store sale

Feral Interactive makes a ton of the best games out there for the Mac. It makes all those awesome LEGO games. Apple just launched a sale of the publisher’s game catalogue on the Mac App Store.

This is the first developer catalogue sale from Apple on its Mac App Store. Fortunately, Feral has a rather large catalogue so there are a lot of games to choose from and the prices are reduced up to 75 percent. You can get LEGO Star Wars Saga or BioShock 2 for $4.99 (although the original BioShock will cost you $9.99).

The Mac App Store is Apple’s preferred method for Mac users to purchase apps. Modeled after the App Store for iOS it’s integrated directly into the OS X and features the ability for developers to push software updates the same way Apple does with its applications. Sales like this could help introduce customers accustomed to buying software via other methods to the store.

For developers Apple does take a 30 percent commission for every app sold in the store. But that fee is generally accepted by developers as Apple gives them a channel to reach potential customers directly and it hosts the apps on its servers.

The sale launched today and will last a week. So you have until the end of next Wednesday to pick up a game or three.

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