Double Fine brings its $3.3 million Kickstarter game ‘Broken Age’ to the iPad

Double Fine brings its $3.3 million Kickstarter game ‘Broken Age’ to the iPad

If you own an iPad and love classic point-and-click adventure games, you’ll want to check out Broken Age. This is the passion project from Tim Schafer – formerly of LucasArts – and the rest of his development team at Double Fine Productions. The game was originally pitched on Kickstarter and smashed records with over $3 million in pledges.

Broken Age has already been released on Windows, Mac and Linux, but its simple control scheme should be well-suited to the iPad. The slower, reflective mood of the game also lends itself to Apple’s popular tablet – this is a title you can easily play in bed or lying back on the sofa.

It’s worth noting, however, that this is only half of the finished product. Despite obliterating its $400,000 goal on Kickstarter, Double Fine decided to split the game into two parts in order to raise further funding. “Even though we received much more money from our Kickstarter than we, or anybody, anticipated,” Schafer said in a note to backers, “that didn’t stop me from getting excited and designing a game so big that it would need even more money.”

Hollywood actors Jack Black and Elijah Wood have provided voice work for the game and the art style is, in short, charming and beautiful. If you’re looking for a new game to soak up a long-haul flight, be sure to pick this up.

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