Apple reportedly acquires 3D sensor tech company PrimeSense for $345m

Apple reportedly acquires 3D sensor tech company PrimeSense for $345m

UPDATE: Sources tell AllThingsD that the deal is not done yet, but could be drawing to a close.

Israeli news outlet Calcalist is reporting (in Hebrew) that Apple has acquired Tel Aviv-based 3D sensor technology company PrimeSense for $345 million. News of a potential deal emerged in July this year, but today’s report says that legal issues delayed its completion.

PrimeSense is best known as the company behind the original version of Microsoft’s Kinect, but the company sells its own 3D sensors and middleware for use in markets as diverse as TV, mobile, computers, retail, robotics, industry and healthcare. If the deal has indeed occurred, Apple could find use for the technology in at least four of those fields. We’ve approached Apple and PrimeSense for comment and will update if we receive anything.

A PrimeSense representative sent us the following statement, offering no comment on what it calls a ‘rumor’:

“PrimeSense is the leading 3D technology in the market. We are focused on building a prosperous company while bringing 3D sensing and Natural Interaction to the mass market in a variety of markets such as interactive living room and mobile devices. We do not comment on what any of our partners, customers or potential customers are doing and we do not relate to rumors or re-cycled rumors.”

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Image credit: Dale de la Rey / AFP / Getty Images

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