Apple sold 4.6M Macs and 3.49M iPods in Q4 FY2013, a 7% and 35% YoY decrease

Apple sold 4.6M Macs and 3.49M iPods in Q4 FY2013, a 7% and 35% YoY decrease

Apple today announced the results of its Q4 FY2013 earnings and in its filing, the Cupertino-based company revealed that this quarter it sold 4.6 million Macs, a decrease of 7 percent from a year ago in the same quarter. iPod sales have also decreased this quarter compared to a year ago, with 3.5 million sold.

While it’s a decrease from a year ago, it’s more than what the company sold in Q3 FY2013 when it was “just under” 4 million. Prior to that, it was 4.89 million. Apple saw $5.62 billion in revenue from its Mac sales, perhaps spurred by the refreshed line of Macbook computers.

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On Apple’s earnings call, Chief Financial Officer Peter Oppenheimer says that the global computer market declined this past quarter, according to the IBC, but saw opportunities for Macs to gain in market share.

As for iPods, the company sold nearly 3.5 million units this past quarter, a 35 percent decrease. This quarter, the company saw $573 million in revenue, but it was 30 percent less than a year ago. Interestingly, Macrumor’s editor Jordon Golson notes that, in total, the 26.4 million iPods sold in FY2013 is the lowest number of units sold since 2005.

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