Apple: We will ship our 700 millionth iOS device next month with iOS 7 coming September 18

Apple: We will ship our 700 millionth iOS device next month with iOS 7 coming September 18

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook revealed today that the company plans on shipping its 700 millionth iOS device, just as it prepares to release its latest operating system. At a press event at its Cupertino headquarters, it was said that iOS 7 would become the most popular operating system in the market.

700 million iOS devices is still less than what Android currently has in the marketplace — Google’s Sundar Pinchai shared at the company’s I/O developer conference that there were 900 million activations.

During the talk about Apple’s newest iOS version, the company brought out Craig Federighi, its Senior Vice President of Software Engineering, to talk about its release. “iOS 7 is so alive with depth,” he said, which probably shouldn’t surprise anyone who has seen it since the unveiling at the Worldwide Developer Conference earlier this year.

iOS 7 will be released on September 18 and will be available for the iPhone 4 and later, iPad 2 and later, iPad mini, and the fifth generation iPod touch.

Federighi took the time to tout the improvements Apple has made to the operating system, and expounded on the fact that developers are fascinated by it, such as Evernote, Zillow, and Open Table.

Photo credit: Kim White/Getty Images

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