Apple pursues trademark for ‘startup’ in Australia, again

Apple pursues trademark for ‘startup’ in Australia, again

Apple is being highly persistent in seeking the trademark for the term “startup” in Australia, submitting a second attempt after it failed previously in 2011.

Spotted by TM Watch, the “startup” application submitted August 27 by Apple’s Cupertino headquarters and a Sydney-based legal representative, Baker & McKenzie, covers a number of retail, computing, mobile and educational classes.


Apple’s persistence in trademarking “startup” could be linked to the fact that the official Apple website terms its operating system boot-up as ‘Startup’. In 2011, besides filing for the “startup” trademark in Australia, Apple also attempted to do the same in the US. However, the US Patent and Trademark Office could not register the trademark after finding issues with the application (probably due to objections) and are requesting further information before proceeding. Apple has till September 20 to respond.

Apple hoping to trade mark the term ‘STARTUP’ [TM Watch]

Image Credit: Spencer Platt via Getty Images

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