This is what iOS 7 looks like on the iPad and iPad mini

This is what iOS 7 looks like on the iPad and iPad mini

Apple’s unveiling of iOS 7, the latest version of its hugely successful mobile operating system, at its Worldwide Developer Conference earlier this week triggered a huge debate about the company’s refreshed interface and new design language.

The presentation only looked at the iPhone, however. The iPad and iPad mini, two hugely influential devices for the company, were given little attention in the various demonstrations and slides.

iGen spotted some screenshots (via 9to5Mac) of iOS 7 running on Apple’s small range of high-end tablets at the bottom of the official iOS 7 webpage.


For the most part, it’s exactly what you would expect. Apple hasn’t changed the spacing between the apps or the general layout used on the iPad. All of the new app designs are present, however, in addition to Apple’s shiny new wallpaper.

So if you were worried about what iOS 7 might look like on the iPad – or just curious to see what Apple had planned – your prayers have now been answered. We can only presume that all of iOS 7’s new functionality – the revamped lock screen, multitasking and control panel that slides up from the bottom, among a whole range of reimagined apps – will also be in full effect here.

Image Credit: Ed Jones/AFP/Getty Images

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