Google Glass will be iPhone compatible, but how compatible?

Google Glass will be iPhone compatible, but how compatible?

One of the main questions about Google Glass for many iPhone users, including me, was whether the wearable computer would be Android only. It turns out that it will not be, at least according to The Verge’s extensive exclusive look at the project today.

The Verge’s Joshua Topolsky:

The device gets data through Wi-Fi on its own, or it can tether via Bluetooth to an Android device or iPhone and use its 3G or 4G data while out and about. There’s no cellular radio in Glass, but it does have a GPS chip.

Google currently offers software development kits to iPhone developers that allow them to take advantage of products like Places and Maps. It wouldn’t be totally unimaginable for them to generate a Glass SDK that allowed developers to dip into functions of the wearable headset. For now, though, the statement just refers to sharing an Internet connection, so we’ll have to wait for more.

The article also says that Glass project head Steve Lee said that Glass should be available before the end of 2013 and for less than the $1,500 they’re charging developers.

So, once they start appearing on the open market (or once pre-orders start arriving) we should be able to hook them up to an iPhone and get the same Google Glass goodness, that’s pretty cool.You can read the full article here.

H/T Mark Gurman

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