Apple now competing with Intel for former TI employees in Israel, may build new R&D center there

Apple now competing with Intel for former TI employees in Israel, may build new R&D center there ...

Apple’s attempts to hire former Texas Instruments employees in Israel are being met with a healthy dose of competition. TNW has learned that processor giant Intel has begun an aggressive campaign to lure engineers away from Apple in that country.

According to sources close to both companies, upon hearing of Apple’s interest in TI’s semiconductor engineers, Intel has shown urgency in approaching individuals in order to boost its operations in the country. Intel currently maintains R&D centers in Haifa, Jerusalem, Petah-Tikva and Kiryat Gat.

Intel is also reported to be offering “healthy compensation packages” (which are said to be above standard salary rates) in order to lure engineers to the company.

Competition from Intel could affect Apple’s plans in Israel, which now include the possible opening of a new R&D center in the city of Ra’anana, but only if it gets enough engineers on board. Our sources tell us that if Apple does hire enough engineers, it will open the new R&D center in the city in “the second half of 2013.”

Alternatively, if Apple doesn’t open its new development center, new hires will likely assist the company’s operations in Hertzeliya and Haifa.

We previously reported that Apple has been hiring “dozens” of engineers from Texas Instruments after the company began cutting around 250 jobs from its Ra’anana development center as it looked to lay off around 1,700 employees (about 5 percent of its total workforce) globally.

Many of the engineers working at the development center were focused on the development of TI’s OMAP and radio (including WiFi and Bluetooth) chips, which are used a number of new smartphone and tablet devices.

Apple may soon conduct an interview day specifically for the former Texas Instruments employees. We are unaware of whether Intel has plans to do the same.

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