Worth watching before it’s gone: A collection of every Apple television ad ever

Worth watching before it’s gone: A collection of every Apple television ad ever

More than any form of advertising that Apple does, it’s TV ads are glimpses into the reasons for its success. Through its long partnership with Chiat Day, and  later, TBWA\Media Arts Lab, Apple has managed to project an aura of cool onto and about its products.

But, more than that, it has always managed to instruct viewers on why they should want to own their products. The iPod ads? Dancing and hot music. The iPad ads? Apps and friendly hands. The recent iPhone ads? Surprisingly simple explanations of technical features like the panorama mode and noise cancellation.

There have been some hits and misses, as with any other ad partnership. The recent ‘one off’ Genius ads, for instance, were pretty crappy. But there are far more great ones in the collection than otherwise.

That’s why this collection on YouTube (thanks Alex!) is such a cool find. I’m not sure who’s behind it, but they’ve gathered together what they say is ‘every Apple TV ad ever’ into one group and so many of them are worth watching.

This great Facetime ad:

Here’s the 2007 ad introducing the iPhone. It was aired during the Oscars that year.

And who could forget the famous (infamous) Ellen Feiss Switch ad from 2002?

And my favorite Apple shilling celebrity Jeff Goldblum:

The whole collection is worth checking out for anyone whose interested in Apple and Chiat/Day’s work over the years. If you’ve got a personal favorite, let us know in the comments below.

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