Apple’s reformed ‘apology’ to Samsung makes an appearance in UK newspapers

Apple’s reformed ‘apology’ to Samsung makes an appearance in UK newspapers

Coming a day after the company was reprimanded for its “non-compliant” apology on its website, stating Samsung did not infringe on its products, Apple has today published its first newspaper adverts, as required by the UK court of appeal.

In this morning’s Guardian, Apple has taken out a small advertisement, including the same statement that it ran on its website, but minus the additional commentary that originally got the company into trouble. It also appears to have been printed in 14-pt Arial font, as required in the original ruling:

Image Credit: Tim Acheson

In the 24 hours following the judgement that was passed by the UK court and its three judges – Lord Justice Longmore, Lord Justice Kitchin and Sir Robin Jacob — Apple has removed the original apology from its website, making way for it to be placed on the front page of, something it was required to do within 48 hours.

Apple was required to alter and change the positioning of its statement from a small linked page, to an apology on the front page of its website, which needs to be printed in 11-pt Arial font.

Apple representatives apparently told the court that it would take up to 14 days to change the statement, but one of the judges refused to believe it.

When Apple placed the apology on its website on October 26, it ran part of the order but also included references in its UK lawsuits that Samsung products were “not as cool” as its iPad and iPhone devices. The link to the apology was also tucked away in a hard to view section of its website.

There’s no word on when the Apple website will be updated to reflect the change, we will update you when it does.

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