Watch Apple’s iPhone 5 face off against all five of its predecessors

Watch Apple’s iPhone 5 face off against all five of its predecessors

It’s a given that Apple’s new iPhone 5 stands on the shoulders of the five previous generations that came before it, but Everything Apple Pro has put that to the test with an informal comparison between all six models.

The video produced some surprising results when it put each model through a power down, power up, and loaded webpages over Wi-Fi.

Oddly enough, the 3GS was the first iPhone to power down, followed by the 3G, the 4, then the original iPhone. The iPhone 4S and the iPhone 5 were the last two, shutting off at roughly the same time. In a boot-up test, the iPhone 4S booted up first, followed by the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 4.

The iPhone 5 did, however, win out in loading Apple’s own website.

While the test is certainly interesting to watch, it’s by no means conclusive. For example, not all the phones appear to be on clean factory settings, as the iPhone 3G seems to have several extra pages of apps beyond Apple’s own stock applications. Also, the tester did not specify which version of iOS each device is running, as that could affect performance.

Apple has touted the iPhone 5 as being twice as fast as its predecessor, due to its A6 processor. The device should also offer significantly improved cellular data speeds for some customers, as it is the first iPhone to include support 4G LTE networks. Early reviews of the handset did remark that the speed of the iPhone 5 is one of its most impressive improvements.

Customers came out in droves last Friday for the iPhone 5 launch in nine countries. Pre-order demand had already hit record levels, as Apple took in more than 2 million orders in just 24 hours. Shipping estimates from Apple’s Online Store currently stand at 3-4 weeks.

Image credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

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