Apple’s iOS 6 is live and you can download it now!

Apple’s iOS 6 is live and you can download it now!

The time that you’ve been waiting for is finally here. Apple has just released iOS 6 into the wild, as iPhone 5 models start to arrive on people’s doors. The GM release of the updated mobile OS hit the wires only a few days ago, but now it’s live for everyone.

During the iPhone 5 event, Apple released some impressive stats about iOS 6 and the App Store ecosystem as a whole. Among those were the fact that 90% of the now-700,000 apps that are available for iOS get downloaded every month.

iOS 6 packs in a wealth of new features, including extra support for Apple’s voice-driven assistant, Siri. There have been some gripes, however, about Apple’s decision to move to its own mapping system and away from Google. Though truth be told that writing had been on the wall for quite some time.

For a full review (and I’m talking about literally everything that you’ll want to know) make sure to click here.

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