Appsfire Deals’ new Timeline feature lets you travel backwards through the update history of an app

Appsfire Deals’ new Timeline feature lets you travel backwards through the update history of an ...

The app discovery tool Appsfire Deals has just introduced an interesting new feature that lets you travel backwards through the history of an app to see past updates, launch dates, promotions and more. The Timeline is what Appsfire calls a ‘living history’ of the app as it exists on the App Store.

The Timeline will feature when the app was launched, how many updates it has had, the highest and lowest prices and the number of pricing promotions. For each key event, there is a step by step timeline including new features, price cuts and other key changes.

“An app is not a static object: it is a living digital piece of software maintained by human beings,” says Appsfire. “The App Store gives only a static vision of apps, we want to introduce a higher level of clarity to users (and developers). And it should be really useful.”

The Timeline should come in handy when you’re checking to see if an app is regularly updated or whether it’s a good deal right now. If the developer updates regularly and keeps the app current, it’s probably a better buy than a comparable competitor. And if they run regular promotions you’ll be able to tell and plan your purchase accordingly.

It’s a nice enhancement to the Appsfire Deals app, which is a nicely translated version of the app tracker’s interface to the iPhone and iPad. This version of Appsfire Deals also lets you share any app out to Facebook or Twitter as well as sharing your activity like starring, price tracking and more if you wish.

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