Apple wants to ban 8 Samsung devices in US including Galaxy S II, S, Prevail, Droid Charge and Tab 10.1

Apple wants to ban 8 Samsung devices in US including Galaxy S II, S, Prevail, Droid Charge and Tab 10.1 ...

Apple has filed with the court identifying the exact Samsung devices that it will be going after a ban on in the scheduled September 20th injunction hearing, reports The Verge. The devices include 4 variants of the Galaxy S II, two variants of the Galaxy S, the Droid Charge and the Galaxy Prevail.

The hearing and the efforts by Apple to ban the devices come after a mammoth win in its patent trial with Samsung on Friday. The devices listed have all infringed on Apple’s patents or trade dress allegations in one way or another, according to the verdict. The graphic provided in the filing details which devices have infringed on which patents.

Concurrently, Apple is also looking to ban the Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet, although it was ruled not to infringe Apple’s D’889 patent on the iPad, which covered its overall design. Samsung is even now in the process of trying to get the U.S. sales ban on the Galaxy Tab 10.1 removed because the jury didn’t name it in the trial.

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