Apple to switch all iOS devices including the iPad to a smaller dock connector this fall, says iMore

Apple to switch all iOS devices including the iPad to a smaller dock connector this fall, says iMore

Apple will replace its iconic 30-pin Dock connector with a smaller version across its entire iOS lineup this fall, says Rene Ritchie at iMore. This will include a 9.7-inch iPad, as well as the next iPhone, the iPod Nano and touch and the theoretical 8″ iPad mini.

Ritchie says that the same sources that informed him on the smaller dock connector and the mini Dock adapter have now told him that the smaller connector will appear across the lineup. This includes the currently available iPad, which will apparently be updated mid-season to accommodate the change.

Refreshing the entire lineup would make some sense, as then Apple would have the same connector across all devices, rather than hanging on to the iPad running a separate connector until the next April or so.

A smaller Dock connector would, of course, have implications with regards to device compatibility. If you’ve got an accessory that only takes the 30-pin flavor, and an adapter won’t work, it will have to be repurchased. The Mophie Juicepack batteries are a good example of this, as are car integrations. These issues, of course, will only affect those who decide to upgrade.

Accessory manufacturers are likely tracking the rumors of a smaller connector very closely, as a partnership with Apple, along with a timely release of product, can make or break a year’s business.

Ritchie’s sources have also stated that the upcoming Apple event to announce the new iPhone will be held on September 12, with a release date of September 21st. This rumor  was later corroborated by Jim Dalrymple of The Loop. These sources were correct on the date of the iPad’s announcement earlier this year and the site has had a recent history of publishing correct early information on Apple product releases.

Image Credit: Nikolay Lamm

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