Apple Store app now lets you order Macs with Pages, Keynote and Numbers pre-installed

Apple Store app now lets you order Macs with Pages, Keynote and Numbers pre-installed

A small update to the Apple Store app for iPhone was pushed out today, adding a nice new option for Mac purchasers. Withe version 2.3, you can now order up a Mac with Pages, Keynote and Numbers, Apple’s ‘iWork’ suite pre-installed.

Macs typically come with the iLife suite installed, but the business oriented iWork is a for-pay suite of apps. Nevertheless, it seems like a good idea to offer an option to have them ready to go when they hit a user’s doorstep. The iWork apps can be ordered up individually at $19.99 each while buying a Mac.

The Apple Store app has gotten some nice new location-oriented updates lately, with a better ability to recognize which store you’re in, and offer up services offered at that particular branch.

The app allows customers to use EasyPay to pay for items under about the $100 threshold, and various accessories. We spoke to an Apple Retail Store employee a few days ago about customers using the app and they said that very few were using it locally, though there were a few. Employees have access to a terminal app that allows them to keep track of EasyPay sales in store, but outside of that, there are very few checks against shoplifting.

Either way, the app is definitely getting more and more sophisticated, and the new iWork pre-installation options are a nice small addition.

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