Apple now selling the Nest Learning Thermostat in the US for $249.95

Apple now selling the Nest Learning Thermostat in the US for $249.95

In another of its famous Apple Store takedowns, Apple briefly pushed its online marketplace live for a moment (it’s down at the time of writing) this morning to confirm it will sell the slick Nest Learning Thermostat in the US, offering the product for a cool $249.95.

The Nest operates as a stylish and easy-to-use thermostat, utilising slick interfaces to make heating your home a simple and more enjoyable experience.

It’s also the brainchild of former Apple Senior Vice President — who is credited with the development and release of the iPod and original iPhone — so it’s no surprise that Apple has sealed a deal with Nest to stock its product in its online store.

Nest recently announced that its thermostat will soon be available to buy in Canada, although Apple isn’t stocking it in its online store in the country.

The gadget is $0.95 more expensive via Apple but Nest engineers will install it for you if you buy it direct.

The Nest can also be controlled via your iPhone, iPad and iPod, making it a natural addition for Apple.

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