Review: Lacambra’s stylish, elegant leather case positions your iPad any way you want it

Review: Lacambra’s stylish, elegant leather case positions your iPad any way you want it

Choosing a case for your iPad can be a lengthy pursuit. You may be in the market for a cover that protects the screen, makes your iPad operate more like a MacBook Air, or one that simply looks good.

When we received a new iPad case from Spanish accessory maker Lacambra (founded by leather bag designer Cristina Alvarez Lacambra), it was easy to tell that it’s a product of superior quality.

Crafted from cowhide leather, the Lacambra iPad case is designed to be able to store business cards, notes and even an iPad cable, whilst keeping your tablet secure. While many other cases are designed to provide holes for volume sliders and possibly a opening for your charger, the Lacambra case fully encloses your iPad with a the help of a substantial zip.

The iPad is placed into the right side of the case, making sure to slip the device into a fixed leather strap on the bottom and an elasticated strip on the top, securing it firmly in place. The straps are pretty sturdy and require some persistance to secure, so you won’t have to worry about your iPad falling out.

On the left side, the Lacambra case has dedicated slots for any business cards you want to store, with two larger storage slots for an iPad USB charger or any small items you wish to carry with you.

Also present in the storage slots is a strip of leather with magnets sewn into either end, and a piece of fabric that has velcro patches.

The small piece of fabric functions as a small support for your iPad, similar to how Apple’s iPad Cover rolls up to angle your tablet. This provides an easy want to tilt your iPad, allowing you type a lot easier — perfect if you don’t want to carry around your Smart Cover with you.

Speaking of the Smart Cover, Lacambra advertises that it can cater for the official Apple accessory.

The leather strip provides an easy way to stand your iPad up (both vertically and horizontally), making it easy to watch movies, view documents on your iPad. If you have a separate iPad keyboard, you can attach the strap and transform your iPad into a blogging machine.

At $149.50 (£97), the Lacambra iPad case is not cheap. However, with its soft, smooth leather finish, ability to position the iPad in a number of different ways and options to store your iPad charger, business cards and small doucments, this luxurious cover is one of the nicest accessories we’ve had the pleasure of testing.

The case comes in 18 different colours and finishes, ranging from shocking pink to chocolate brown — with options to customize the design and add engravings. You can buy it direct from the Lacambra website.

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