DragonDrop takes the hassle out of moving files and images on your Mac

DragonDrop takes the hassle out of moving files and images on your Mac

If you find yourself in a position where you’re constantly trying to drag and drop a few files from one place to another on your Mac, and can’t locate the folder you want to move them to, DragonDrop will make your life all that much easier.

The $4.99 app makes it easy to drag single or multiple files to an icon in the menu bar where they sit until you find the location you want to move them to, without having to worry about accidentally lifting your finger off the mouse button.

How the app works

Launching the app the first time, you’ll be met with a few basic settings to choose from, including how to activate the app, whether or not to start DragonDrop at login or show the icon in the menu bar.

Once you’ve got the app set up, you can drag and drop one or multiple files onto the icon on the menu bar.  Those files will be displayed in a small window, waiting to be dropped to a new location once you’ve got the folder open.

If you’d rather not place the icon in the menu bar, you can activate DragonDrop by shaking the mouse after selecting the files you want to move.

After shaking the files, a window will pop up on the screen, where you can drop your files.

The app works with more than just files and folders. You can save text from a Web page or even an entire website by selecting it and shaking your mouse, to save it as an HTML file.

You can also drag images from your browser, and drop them into another location, whether on your computer, or onto another webpage, embedding them in a blog post, or uploading them as an email attachment, doing away with the need to save the image to your computer first.

The same goes for dragging and dropping text from a website or document, and pasting it elsewhere.

Unfortunately, dragging text or images from your browser to the menu bar has no effect.

Our verdict

DragonDrop is a simple concept which addresses a pretty annoying problem. We love the app, and if we can find tools that makes us more productive or which make it easier to keep our files and folders organized, we’ll definitely use them.

That said, the app really goes beyond just making it easier to move files around your computer, giving you a way to transfer items from one browser tab to the next with a little bit of drag-and-drop magic.

If we had one feature request, it would be the ability to drag and drop multiple files separately, to eventually move them to a single destination.

DragonDrop is one of those apps which, after using it for a while, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it in the past. But don’t take our word for it, download the free trial to test it for yourselves.

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