Apple launches the new iPad in nine more countries today, still no date for China

Apple launches the new iPad in nine more countries today, still no date for China

Apple has continued the release of its new iPad as the device launches in nine countries today, taking it to a total of 57 markets worldwide.

The fourth wave of launches sees Apple’s third-generation tablet officially come to Colombia, Estonia, India, Israel, Latvia, Lithuania, Montenegro, South Africa and Thailand today, leaving China as a notable exception.

Apple’s most recent financial reports revealed that firm sold more than 35 million iPhones and close to 12 million iPads worldwide, with China playing a significant part. Tim Cook called its progress in the country “mind boggling”, as sales there grew three-fold year-on-year, to account for 20 percent of the company’s revenues.

Yet there is no confirmed plan for the iPad’s launch in China.

The company trademark stand off with Proview could be a factor in the device’s delay, although Apple has traditionally been late in delivering products to the country. The iPad is reportedly still not cleared to launch however, regardless of any legal implications it faces.

Last month, the Wi-Fi only version of the iPad was said to have passed the necessary processes for its release, however Apple is reportedly still waiting on full approval for the cellular version, which is required to pass certification in order to access Chinese telecom networks.

The ‘LTE’ iPad will only run on 3G in China as the country, like many others, is yet to introduce the technology, and is not planning to do so for at least two years. Like previous iPads and iPhones, compatibility issues will prevent it accessing China Mobile’s 3G network, although it remains to be seen if it will be work with the 4G network it is currently developing.

Indonesia is a growing mobile market, with a population of 240 million, but it is also yet to get a confirmed launch date for the new iPad, although RIM and other devices enjoy higher sales than Apple there.

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