Apple adds new subsite promoting iPhone integration, apps and deployment for businesses

Apple adds new subsite promoting iPhone integration, apps and deployment for businesses

Apple has launched a new section of its website dedicated to iPhone in Business, reports 9to5Mac. The new area of the site focuses on using the iPhone at work, integrating it into existing business systems, building and using apps for enterprise and detailing examples of companies and corporations already doing so.

The new section is divided into iPhone at Work, Integration, Apps for Business, Profiles and Resources areas. The iPhone at Work section details ways to use the iPhone in your business, including highlight apps like Yammer, Roombi, Omnifocus and Jive, along with video tutorials.

The Integration section is all about getting other services like VPN’s, Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync and enterprise-level security working correctly with the iPhone. The security document linked in the section is an extensive walkthrough of app data protection, encryption an other information safety procedures.

Apps for Business highlights a bunch of App Store apps that work well in the enterprise and small business arenas, with many of Apple’s apps like Pages and Keynote getting top billign alongside other favorites like Dropbox, SugarSync and Evernote. An additional section highlights the building and deployment of apps inside companies with examples ranging from JM Family Enterprises, which owns Toyota dealerships and Razorfish, a marketing firm.

The profiles area covers various companies like Apple partner Dow Corning and home supply store Lowes, which recently integrated 42,000 EasyPay-like mobile payment units into its retail stores.

The section doesn’t have any life-shattering new information, but it does provide a solid resource center for businesses wondering how one aspect or another of their business will integrate with the iPhone. As the enterprise market shifts towards a ‘bring your own device’ model, having solutions at the ready to support iPhone and iPad devices is becoming a must, rather than an option for executives only. This should provide a good resource for companies wondering how to begin doing so.

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