Woman sues Apple for $1 million after breaking her nose at a glass-fronted Apple Store

Woman sues Apple for $1 million after breaking her nose at a glass-fronted Apple Store

Apple designs exude simplicity and style, but the doors on one of its stores caught an 83 year old American woman out, and now she is seeking a seven figure payout in response.

Grandmother Evelyn Paswall is suing the company for $1 million after a collision with a glass door at an Apple Store in Long Island left her with a broken nose, according to a New York CBS report, via Macrumors.

Apple is aware of the possible dangers of a glass store front and has introduced warning stickers last year, after two incidents saw customers suffer minor injuries from colliding with the glass. However, while the suit acknowledges that there are warnings, it calls the Cupertino-based firm “negligent” and says that the stickers are not a “proper warning”. Passwell’s lawyer explains more about the suit:

There were no markings on the glass or they were inadequate. My client is an octogenarian. She sees well, but she did not see any glass.

Apple wants to be cool and modern and have the type of architecture that would appeal to the tech crowd, but on the other hand, they have to appreciate the danger that this high-tech modern architecture poses to some people.

The Apple Store Manhassett, where the incident occurred, is one of a number of all-glass fronted stores, and there are similar outlets in Scottsdale Quarter and Lincoln Park.

It remains to be seen whether Apple’s warning stickers will be adjusted to be a clear enough warning, or whether the company may chose to settle outside of court and increase the visibility of the warnings going forward.

Given that other incidents have taken place before, albeit with lesser injuries, the case has the potential to get thrown out. We’ll keep you posted but, in the meantime, keep your eyes open and focused on the door.

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