Apple launches ‘Answers from the community’ support listings on product pages

Apple launches ‘Answers from the community’ support listings on product pages

In an attempt to help persuade customers visiting the product pages on its website, Apple has introduced a new “Answers from the community” section to listings, allowing visitors to answer frequently asked questions that consumers may pose.

For example, if you visit the iPhone 4S product page, you can scroll below Apple’s own FAQ section to its new community section, which at present lists four questions that are awaiting answers.

However, the MacBook Air section already has 1348 questions in its listings, which appear to be being piped in from the company’s Support Forums, suggesting that the company is looking to bridge the divide between its consumer website and separate support website.

Apple’s website has a dedicated URL structure for the new question and answer service, providing links to features, comparisons, accessories, carrier plans and other related questions.

To answer a question, simply click the “Answer now” link and then log in using your Apple ID. This will be the same username and password as what you use to download applications via the App Store or you have registered with iTunes.

Overall, it appears to be an updated layout and interface for Apple’s Support Forums, but displayed on listings in order to help answer questions related to a product that someone might be about to purchase.

Whilst it’s certainly not revolutionary, it gives back to the people who have helped on the forums previously and gives a voice to those who are interested in sharing their feedback and experience.

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