Watch as Apple customers try to tell the difference between the new iPad & iPad 2

Watch as Apple customers try to tell the difference between the new iPad & iPad 2

Amidst all the frenzy over Apple’s new iPad, I couldn’t help but find myself considering the $499 device. Then, after seeing countless journalists gush over the retina display, I tried out the tablet on launch day and abruptly came back down to earth.

Now, I’m a huge fan of Apple and it’s design-minded products, but the reality is, this screen isn’t going to send you into an orgasmic rush. Since the new iPad mirrors the iPad 2, the only change casual users are expected to immediately notice is the new display.

But something funny happened at the Apple Store on Friday: Customers were actually having trouble telling the difference between the two screens. Because of this, we decided to set up a little test and see what happens when the iPad 2 and the new iPad are placed side-by-side. Could anyone actually tell the difference? Find out in the video below:

As you saw in the video, this was no scientific test. The new retina display is a great improvement and makes things like prolonged use and reading much easier on the eyes. That said, it’s just so wild to see people, some of which were actually walking out with their new iPad, realize that they couldn’t see the difference.

Over time and with various lighting changes, perhaps the people we interviewed would notice which screen packed more pixels. But the fact that the resolutionary improvements aren’t so distinct goes to show just how powerful Apple’s marketing arm is.

Don’t stress Apple fans. If you have extra money lying around, the new iPad is worth it. Plus, the iPad 2 is cheaper than ever and is still a killer tablet. As for you haters from those Samsung commercials: you’re welcome.

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