Apple’s Tim Cook confirms Italian language support coming to Siri in 2012

Apple’s Tim Cook confirms Italian language support coming to Siri in 2012

Update: After looking at the email further, we think this is fake. Which seems silly, as Italian support was already announced as coming to Siri in 2012. The email has Cook referring to Siri as ‘SIRI’, which casts some doubt on the origins of the message, and the recipient’s name is different in both emails. But regardless, Siri should be compatible with the Italian language this year.

Apple’s Tim Cook has replied to a customer email inquiring about adding support for the Italian language to Apple’s Siri voice assistant, according to Italian site Melablog. The user sent an email in to the CEO asking him ‘why he didn’t like Italy’, Cook, much in the way of company founder Steve Jobs, responded with a brief email.

The reader apparently sent in this missive (machine translated):

Dear Tim,

I wonder why you do not like Italy, I think we are good customers of yours, but not appreciated.

Look at this, we are the second country in Europe (behind all’UKus!)

In particular:
1) Siri has not yet been released in Italian (rather strange after 6 months)
2) We are no longer in the group of “first day” of the iPhone 4S launch. (there are some nations that are not at our level)


Cook replied, stating that he loves Italy, and that Italian support is incoming this year:


Amo l’Italia.

Supporteremo la lingua italiana in SIRI quest’anno.


Italian, points out 9to5Mac, is already listed on Apple’s website as one of the languages that will be supported by Siri in 2012. Cook’s letter confirms that it is, and that Apple’s CEO loves Italy.

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