Apple announces iPhoto for iOS at $4.99, adding new gestures, effects and multi-touch editing

Apple announces iPhoto for iOS at $4.99, adding new gestures, effects and multi-touch editing

At Apple’s iPad event today, the company announced a raft of updates to its existing tablet-centric apps including Garageband, iMovie and iWork but also launched a new iOS (and expected) app — iPhoto.

Apple has made sure to introduce new gestures, new effects, multi-touch editing and will enable you to transfer images between devices(kind of like you can with Photo Stream), adding new ways to browse through photos but also edit them.

In iPhoto, you can double-tap a photo and the app will automatically compare to all the other photos that are similar to that one, allowing you to pick out a number of photos at one time and edit and share them. The app supports sharing by email, Flickr​, Twitter, and other services also, including iCloud.

There’s support for 19-megapixel photos, auto-enhancing them and providing simple ways to adjust specific areas of the the photo. Just touch the area you want to adjust and then drag to brighten areas, rebalance colour, utilise brush palettes or amend things like saturation.

When sharing, you can choose the Journal option, select the photos you wish to add and then name it. It will automatically lay them out into pages, for each date range, allowing you to select the images you wish to change and bring them up quickly but also append notes to them, much like you would in a physical journal.

The app will cost you $4.99 and it’s available today!

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