iOS 5.1 Gold Master reportedly ready for iPad 3, will arrive with ‘at least two new features’

iOS 5.1 Gold Master reportedly ready for iPad 3, will arrive with ‘at least two new features’ ...

Apple has completed quality assurance testing on iOS 5.1 and will release it along with the iPad 3, according to a report from Chronic Wire’s Will Strafach. The new version of iOS is said to contain a revamped lockscreen that gives easier access to the camera,  Japanese support for Siri and two new features that have yet to be revealed.

A leaked version of the new OS was reported last month. That edition had both the additional language support for Apple’s voice assistant and a new ‘slide up to access camera’ gesture on the lock screen.

This doesn’t account for the “at least two other new features that have not been publicly leaked,” however. What those are remains to be seen, but we’ve been hearing that there is at least one major feature of the iPad 3 that is yet to be revealed and that was causing a delay in the release of new beta versions of iOS 5.1. We even took a stab at conjecturing what it might be here. Whether these include Siri, additional work to get ready for the Retina display or some other new feature is unknown, we’ll just have to see tomorrow.

Strafach reports that the build number of iOS 5.1 Gold Master is 9B176 and that it is not being signed externally to Apple yet. This means that any leaked screenshots would have to come from an official device authorized for testing. Which, in turn, means that its unlikely we’ll be seeing any more glimpses before tomorrow’s event. iOS 5.1 is reportedly scheduled for release in the ‘coming days.’ If we had to conjecture, we’d say after the iPad announcement, but before it goes on sale.


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