Apple’s Tim Cook says there are now over 100M iCloud users, marking 15M user growth in 21 days

Apple’s Tim Cook says there are now over 100M iCloud users, marking 15M user growth in 21 days

Today at a Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference, Apple CEO Tim Cook gave a keynote presentation in which he addressed working conditions at Apple’s factories in China, as well as the product philosophy of Apple.

He also announced that its syncing service iCloud now has over 100M users. Just last month, Cook said that the service had 85M users, making this a growth of 15M users in 21 days.

Cook also reiterated that iCloud was a ‘long-game’ strategy that Apple would continue to pursue over many years. He said that it wasn’t just a product, but a “strategy for the next decade” of Apple’s business. Cook mentioned that the way that iCloud took a household with multiple Macs or iDevices and simplified the interchange of information as the primary drive behind the introduction of iCloud.

Cook’s passionate responses to the questions asked by the moderator clearly demonstrated that he is the right guy to take Apple’s product development reigns.

Apple’s iCloud service was introduced last year along with deep integration into its iOS 5 software. This displays a heavy adoption of Apple’s cloud services, which are only compatible with newer Apple devices beginning with the iPhone 3GS.

At the conference, Cook was bullish about the tablet market, remarking that he felt it was just a matter of time before it was bigger than that for PCS. He also addressed concerns regarding Apple’s factory conditions in China, saying that Apple is doing more work than anyone in the industry to address these problems.

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