Apple is rushing to finalize apps for onstage iPad 3 demos and commercials

Apple is rushing to finalize apps for onstage iPad 3 demos and commercials

Now that the beans have been, mostly, spilled with regards to the early March announcement of the iPad 3, more information is coming forward about Apple’s preparations for the event. Sources with knowledge of the matter have informed The Next Web that the company is in ‘crunch mode’ when it comes to lining up apps both to demonstrate on-stage and to show off in new advertisements for its third iPad.

Apple has a long history of hand-picking apps that it thinks are exemplary or really show off the hardware of a device to demonstrate during iPad presentation. The iPad 2 saw demo segments with Apple’s own Garage Band, iMovie and Photo Booth apps, while the recent ‘Let’s Talk’ iPhone event saw game title Infinity Blade 2 demoed in order to show off the graphics capabilities of the new iPhone 4S.

Apple’s pre-event weeks are often spent soliciting demonstrations from many app developers and preparing demonstrations of those apps for the live event. Our sources tell us that this selection process is continuing at an increased rate as Apple looks to finalize the lineup for the iPad 3. There is also emphasis on graphics-oriented applications with high-definition assets, which appears to be in line with the new iPad featuring a ‘Retina’ display.

In addition, some apps that Apple is impressed with are being forwarded on to its long-time advertising partner TWBA/Chiat/Day for possible inclusion in the initial iPad 3 commercial spots. This process is entering its final phase as well, with the company on a tight deadline to deliver assets for playback during the presentation and later, television broadcast.

While no official announcement has been made, it appears as if the All Things D report is looking even more likely to be correct, with the iPad 3 being announced at the beginning of next month.

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