The HoverBar lets your iPad 2 hang in the air right alongside your Mac

The HoverBar lets your iPad 2 hang in the air right alongside your Mac

If you find your iPad 2 languishing to the side of your iMac a lot because you can’t seem to find the most space-efficient way to use it alongside your monitor, then you’re going to love the HoverBar. It’s essentially a clip and a flexible arm that allows you to ‘hover’ your iPad right alongside your Mac or monitor.

If you’re a Mac user who likes well-designed accessories, then you’re probably already familiar with Twelve South. They’re the company behind the PlugBug for MacBooks as well as the BookBook for iPhone, both products we’ve reviewed and loved here at TNW.

The design of the HoverBar is purely form-meets-function, with the arm mounting to the back of the iPad with a ball-and-socket, allowing for small adjustments. The flexible arm, which is strong enough to hold the iPad in place wherever it ends up, clips onto the support column of your Mac or Thunderbolt display with a cushioned clip.

It’s actually a very clever design that allows you to float your iPad alongside your Mac without having to give up desk space to a stand. This is a great solution for those without a second monitor or who have a desk that is too small to even accomodate one.

I can’t help thinking that this would be the perfect setup to use along with Avatron’s AirDisplay software, which allows you to extend your Mac desktop onto the iPad. Or, it could be a sweet way to keep tabs on a streaming iPad Twitter client like Streamboard.

About the only downside I can see is that there is no way to route power to the iPad 2 along the arm. The addition of a clip or two might allow for less clutter. Seeing as the iPad’s battery is fairly hefty though, it’s probably not a huge deal. The HoverBar also clamps onto desks up to 1″ thick and runs $79.99 at Twelve South’s online store. Looks like another very slick accessory from a great company.

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