London College launches UK’s first ever ‘iPhoneography’ course

London College launches UK’s first ever ‘iPhoneography’ course

We’ve seen some pretty diverse and interesting college and university courses in our time but London’s Kensington and Chelsea College may have a hit on its hands with the launch of the UK’s first ‘iPhoneography’ course.

The new evening course is aimed at teaching how to take better photographs on the iPhone, the BBC reports, utilising a range of apps and the iPhone’s default camera app to create images.

The course tutor, Richard Gray, says that students simply need to own an iPhone and have a “passion for photography and a creative mind.”

Whilst the focus will be on iPhone photography, Gray says he will teach the basic rules of composition, colour and light and will assist students with editing techniques, including blending, collage and cloning.

According to the BBC, the course is already proving to generate a large amount of buzz amongst iPhone owners, helped by the fact Gray will host a free workshop at Apple’s Regent Street Store in the near future.

We can imagine Camera+ and Instagram will be sure to make an appearance on this course, what else do you believe should be included?

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