How Apple remembers Steve Jobs at its Cupertino campus [Images]

How Apple remembers Steve Jobs at its Cupertino campus [Images]

Apple continues to celebrate the unique personality and leadership qualities of co-founder Steve Jobs following his death, placing inspirational quotes and pictures of the late leader around its 1 Infinite Loop campus.

9to5mac has received shots of the billboards and posters places on walls at Apple’s headquarters; some of which appear to have been put up shortly after Steve Jobs’ death on the 6 October 2011.

This quote hangs on the wall in the entrance to Apple:

This quote, whilst ranking high in the list of passages that Apple fans often link to the Apple co-founder, was the same quote that was uttered by new Apple CEO Tim Cook during a company-wide celebration of Jobs’ life, held at the company’s HQ.

Also dotted along the corridors at Apple are photos of Jobs, one with him posing with an early Macintosh and another with a MacBook Air:

Many may have been inspired working with Jobs, but these quotes and little reminders may help Apple workers regain that extra little bit of focus to help drive innovation within the world’s biggest technology company.

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