Taiwanese iPhone 4S preorders surpass 380,000 units, break records

Taiwanese iPhone 4S preorders surpass 380,000 units, break records

As of December 6, iPhone 4S preorders in Taiwan stood at more than 380,000 units, breaking all previous records for iPhones in the country, Focus Taiwan reports.

All three of Taiwan’s major mobile operators are offering Apple’s latest smartphone device on their networks and have all said that they have received higher than expected preorders for the handset.

Taiwan Mobile and Far Eastone opened preorders for the handset on December 1, with Chunghwa Telecom opening orders the following day. According to local media reports, the sheer weight of traffic from iPhone 4S buyers caused operator websites to crash as customers rushed to grab free gifts that had been offered alongside the device.

Want China Times reports that Taiwan’s largest provider Chunghwa Telecom, expected 150,000 iPhone 4S preorders. The Chinese news outlet says that the company extended its website bandwidth to cope with demand but was still was unable to cope.

A Chunghwa senior executive said the company had received 210,000 pre-orders, far exceeding its original expectation, whilst Taiwan Mobile recorded 80,000 pre-orders and Far Eastone capturing 90,000.

The figure is impressive, given that Apple recorded one million preorders on its first day on sale, surpassing 4 million over the launch weekend.

The iPhone 4S is expected to go on general sale in Taiwan on December 16, joining Russia and Brazil.

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