This cool rear glass panel from iFixit shows off your iPhone’s internals

This cool rear glass panel from iFixit shows off your iPhone’s internals

iFixit has introduced a transparent rear glass panel for your iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 that will bare the battery and other innards of your phone for all to see.

Why would you want to do it, you ask? Just because it looks so damned cool! Apple is known for the meticulous attention to detail that goes into the design of its products, and it extends well beyond the exteriors of its devices. It’s definitely not a product for everyone, but it is a great way to separate your iPhone from the pack.

In celebration of Cyber Monday, iFixit is currently offering a special introductory package for $29.95 that includes the panel, its Liberation Kit (which allows you to replace the phone’s hard-to-service pentalobe screws with standard ones), a Thirsty Bag (which quickly soaks liquids off your iPhone after it has taken an unintended dive into water) and a screen protector.

Those items normally cost over $50, so there are some significant savings to be had. It is also available in an iPhone 4 variant, so owners of the previous generation device aren’t left out of the fun. iFixit says that stocks are limited and the panel will continue to be sold independently for $29.95 once they are depleted.

For those among the readership who cringe at the thought of taking a screwdriver to their brand new and expensive iPhone, iFixit offers a step-by-step guide that demonstrates how to go about doing the replacement. And hey, if you ever shatter your iPhone’s back on the pavement, you’ll have your original back panel to go back to!

However, be warned that this sort of hardware modification will void your iPhone’s warranty. Although you should technically still be able to claim it if you replace the custom panel with the original one before taking the phone in for repairs, we fear that Apple may still consider the warranty voided if it detects that the back panel had been opened.

If you don’t mind taking that risk and decide to buy the product from iFixit, here’s a tip to save a little more money on your purchase. Once you get to the checkout cart, just enter the coupon code “12511FIXIT” and you’ll get an instant discount of $5. How’s that for a Cyber Monday deal?

iPhone 4S Transparent Rear Glass Panel | via iClarified

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