Apple set to introduce new ‘EasyPay’ system on November 3

Apple set to introduce new ‘EasyPay’ system on November 3

Apple’s new sales system, EasyPay,which is tipped to allow customers to purchase items without going through sales staff, could launch this coming Thursday, according to 9to5mac.

The report suggests that the Cupertino-based firm is talking staff through the changes overnight tonight (US time) before the new system goes live on Thursday November 3.

Rumours suggest that EasyPay will speed up customer orders massively — with items available for collection 12 minutes after they are placed online, assuming that they are in stock — but it is the collection system that is perhaps the most eye catching.

Once they are notified that their item is ready through the EasyPay app, customers will be able to walk into the store they ordered to, sign for the item and walk out of the store with it. There is also a suggestion that certain in-store items will be purchasable in a similar way, with customers simply need to scan their purchase with the Apple Store app before walking out of the door with no sales person involved in the process.

We expect that there will be a more formal confirmation in the coming days.

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