The Twelve South PlugBug adds a USB port to your MacBook charger

The Twelve South PlugBug adds a USB port to your MacBook charger

Twelve South makes some pretty great accessories for Apple products. We’re big fans of their BookBook case for iPhone, for instance. Thats why its usually not a surprise when they come up with something that we never knew we always wanted.

The PlugBug is one example of such a product. It’s a slick little adapter that fits on your MacBook’s power plug and adds a piggy-backed USB port. This should let you charge an iPad or iPhone while you charge your laptop, without taking up an extra plug hole.

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Since the MacBook power adapters are all either 45w or 75w, they will also charge an iPad at full speed, which many normal USB adapters, like the iPhone’s, will not.

This is a simple device, for sure and there are other things that accomplish the same goals, but Twelve South has, in typical fashion, created something that looks beautiful while it does what it needs to do.

The PlugBug is available now at Twelve South for $34.99.

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