Apple’s iPhone 4S moves one step closer towards Korean launch

Apple’s iPhone 4S moves one step closer towards Korean launch

Apple’s new iPhone 4S smartphone has received radio approval by the National Radio Research Agency, taking the company one step closer to launching the device in the country, Korea Herald reports.

Plans for the launch of the new Apple smartphone have not been confirmed, as the iPhone 4S still needs to received approval from the Korea Broadcasting Commission, which will then allow mobile operators to combine and issue a launch date for the device to South Korean consumers.

The Korean news site adds that Apple’s iPhone 4 smartphone was approved roughly a month after it received radio approval. Using this logic, industry sources have predicted that the iPhone 4S could go on sales in the country in November.

This backs up a separate report that suggested Apple would be free to launch the iPhone 4S in Korea next month, an update that is unlikely to be welcomed by Samsung. The revised date, which looks to have been brought forward from December, gives the Korean manufacturer less time to follow up on its intention to block the launch of Apple’s newest device in the country.

Given that it is pursuing legal action against Apple in a number of other regions, it seems unlikely that the firm would concede to Apple on its home turf, particularly after Apple told a Seoul court its rival lacks novelty.

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