Apple’s iTunes Movie store goes live in 13 new countries

Apple’s iTunes Movie store goes live in 13 new countries

Apple’s iTunes Movie purchases have gone live in 13 new countries, reports Macrumors. The official storefronts have yet to open in all countries, but you can now purchase movie content from iTunes in Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, and Slovakia, Greece, Portugal and Slovenia.

Because some of the storefronts aren’t up yet, you’ll have to manually search for movies if you’d like to purchase them now in one of these countries, but the content is there. This could very well herald the release of an Apple TV in these locations soon, now that Apple finally has content to sell there.

This addition comes shortly after Apple expanded the iTunes Music store to a dozen more countries across the EU late last month.

Apple has been on a tear of international support for its stores lately, adding 25 countries to the iBookstore as well.

Apple is currently far ahead of Amazon in offering international support for movie streaming as it only offers MP3 downloading or its Prime Video product in just a few countries so far. This new addition widens the gap and should boost Apple’s movie sales considerably.

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