Apple now has $81.5B in cash, 13.2M sq. ft. of facilities and 60K employees

Apple now has $81.5B in cash, 13.2M sq. ft. of facilities and 60K employees

Apple today filed its Form 10-K with the SEC that discloses information to stockholders and the commission. In an amongst the normal legal statements there were a few interesting facts. Among those were that Apple currently has $81,570,000,000 in cash, marketable securities and cash equivalents.

This means that Apple pulled in $37.5 billion in cash profits in fiscal 2011. Not bad for a company that ‘missed’ industry estimates.

This is after Apple spent $2.4 billion on research and development in 2011, which is up from $1.8 billion in 2010 and $1.3 billion in 2009. It also paid out $4.3 billion for equipment, likely for its factory investments and the North Carolina data center.

There were also purchases of $3.2 billion in ‘intangible assets’, which likely includes its $2.6 billion share of the Nortel patent purchase that it went in on with other companies, including Microsoft. Conversely, Apple only spent $244 million on acquisitions, which would include Siri, which was acquired in Q1 2010.

Apple currently owns or leases 13.2 million square feet of building space, primarily in the U.S. Apple Retail Stores spread throughout the world account for 3 million square feet of that number. The data centers in North Carolina and Newark NJ also figure into this number.

Included that number is also 2.6 million square feet that is located in Cupertino, California which will be demolished to make room for Apple’s new ‘spaceship’ campus. Apple also owns a total of 584 acres of land in various locations.

Apple now has 60,400 full-time employees and another 2,900 temps. This is an insane jump over the 46,000 employees that it reported in 2010, a 39% increase. This is the second year in a row that Apple has jumped over 30% in employees.

This fits in with reports that I heard from sources at Apple that say they went on a hiring spree in 2010, much of it in engineering staff to get iOS 5 ready for launch.

One more interesting fact, Apple currently has enough supply deals in place to produce just 150 days worth of product.

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