Apple wins, in WIPO domain name dispute

Apple wins, in WIPO domain name dispute

Apple yesterday saw disputes filed with the World Intellectual Property Organisation over the registration of domain names including references to its MacBook Pro and iPod products upheld, ensuring that the company will now have the website addresses transfered to it.

The domains;,, and, were originally contested in August, reports Fusible. The WIPO decision has yet to be formally announced, other than a small reference to its decision on its website, which states that the organisation’s decision is simply to ‘Transfer’.

Full details are expected to follow in the coming days.

Apple is still contesting two other cases involving the use of its company name, filing complaints with WIPO over and another case that involves:,,, and

In August, Apple won the rights to the domain, with WIPO finding that not only was the domain confusingly similar for consumers, it also infringed on Apple’s US trademark and was registered and used in bad faith.

The company has been known to pay millions of dollars for domains relevant to its products, including a reported $4.5 million for, but seeks to file WIPO disputes over domains that are not too integral to the use of its products and services, reducing its outlay on obtaining the domains.

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