Over One Million Tributes to Steve Jobs shown in a word cloud

Over One Million Tributes to Steve Jobs shown in a word cloud

Apple has set up a tribute page for its former CEO Steve Jobs, who passed away this month. The day Jobs passed, the company offered an email address for anyone to send their words and thoughts to Apple about how much Steve Jobs meant to them. At that time, Apple didn’t tell us what it would do with the emails, but this memorial page is what has become of them. The company has received over one million responses.

A word cloud has been published using the words we’ve sent to Apple about Steve Jobs, and it’s extremely touching.

The top two phrases used in emails to Apple about Steve Jobs, according to this word cloud, were “Apple” and “World”. Reading some of the emails ourselves, we can see that people identified the work Steve Jobs did at Apple and how he helped change the world with his ideas and products during his tenure at Apple.

Some of the other most used phrases in these emails were “Thank”, “Family”, “Rest”, “Peace”, “Change”, as a lot of us hoped that Steve Jobs could now “Rest in Peace”, and that we wished his family the best with our deepest condolences.

Did you send an email to Apple about Steve Jobs? If you haven’t, you still can by sending your thoughts to: [email protected]

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