Want to collaborate and share your iOS Reminders? Here’s how

Want to collaborate and share your iOS Reminders? Here’s how

If you’ve already abandoned your to-do apps in favor of Reminders in iOS, you’re far from alone. It seems to be a trend over the past few days, and people are finding more ways to add to the usefulness of the free, built-in application.

iDownload Blog reminds us (see what I did there?) about a handy feature of the Reminders app when used in conjunction with iCloud – collaborative, shared lists of reminders. That way anyone with whom you’re sharing your reminders list can add to it, mark things as completed and generally work with you on them.

To accomplish this, you’ll need to head over to the Web-based version of your Calendar on iCloud.com. Log in, then you can choose to share your Reminders via the email address of another person. They will then get an email which takes them to an authentication screen where they can accept or deny the invitation.

That’s pretty much all there is to it. Once the authentication is done both sides will be able to see and edit items in Reminders. For me, this isn’t a lifesaver, but it sure is handy. The ability to have family-friendly to-do lists that are native to your device is pretty good stuff. Granted, you could accomplish the same through a shared Google Docs or with something in Dropbox, but this takes one step out of the equation.

Have you found some other fun tricks with iCloud or iOS? We’d love to hear about them. In the mean time, make sure to check out our monster review of iOS 5 and all of its features.

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