Leak on Apple’s website hints at new MacBook Pros “coming in November”

Leak on Apple’s website hints at new MacBook Pros “coming in November”

It’s not often that you see Apple slip up and offer a clue about forthcoming products on its own website, but that is just what happened when the folks at 9to5Mac searched for “macbook pro” on the Apple Online Store and saw it bring up some unexpected results.

Along with the current lineup of MacBook Pro models and among the usual assortment of notebook accessories and parts were references to two “MacBook Pro Memory Models”, each with an estimated ship date of November. They were hyperlinked to the following pages on the Apple Store, both of which currently do not exist:



We dutifully verified this ourselves and came up with the same results, as you can see in the screenshot below:

Although it is always possible that this was some random glitch in the system and isn’t indicative of any future products, the URLs and shipping dates do seem to suggest that that we will be seeing refreshed MacBook Pros with 2.33GHz and 2.4GHz processors arriving sometime in the next month. That is, of course, if the closure of one of Apple’s major notebook casing suppliers in China recently hasn’t thrown a wrench in the plans.

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